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Advanced Sandwich Construction

SEG remains on the cutting edge of composite sandwich construction and sandwich technologies. Our staff have a strong understanding and working knowledge in the entire spectrum of composite sandwich construction from the use of proprietary advanced composite materials, to the more commonly used Nomex, PVC, urethane or syntactic foam cores.

Sandwich construction laminates are an extremely efficient structural design, and consist of a lightweight core sandwiched between two stiff face sheets. There are very few construction techniques that can match the stiffness to density ratio of composite sandwich construction.

Open and closed cell structured foams like polyvinylchloride, polyurethane, polyethylene or polystyrene foams, balsa wood, syntactic foams and honeycombs are commonly used core materials for sandwich construction. Metal alloys such as aluminum can also be used as core materials.

Laminates of fiberglass; carbon and Kevlar aramid fibers with thermoset polymers (unsaturated polyesters, vinyl ester or epoxy resins) are widely used as skin materials in sandwich construction technologies. SEG manufacturing is a leader in composite sandwich construction technologies, and has a very good understanding of its capabilities and limitations for your next project.