Renewable Energy R&D

Mainstream Applications
Research & Development
SEG AirnergeeTM Fuel Generators
  •  Low Pressure HHO Fuel Generation 
  • Onboard and Dockbox Systems 
SEG FizzeeTechTM Super Cells
  •  Leading R&D in Conductive Carbon Composite Electrolyzer Cells
SEG HyBoost TM 14Kw Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • 8 Kw & 14 Kw 110/220V~AC/DC  Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell 
SEG Custom IZEDTM  DC Drive Motor
  •  SEG Aquila 48 Renewable Energy R&D  
Production Capabilities for U.S.A. D.O.T. Approved Carbon Storage Tanks

We are in final development and testing of our conductive Carbon composites for efficient and durable electrolysis cells. Composite materials in alternative energy and hydrogen fuel sell is a vital component and our research and planning intends to deliver both boating and general clean energy applications in 2020 and beyond.