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Mission Statement


Since 1985 Sino Eagle Group has led the industry with design, craftsmenship and advanced composites molding technologies. Our state of the art new manufacturing facilities, and in-house capabilities offers global manufacturing resources and partnership potential in delivering exceptional workmanship with likely cost savings. As we lead in new composite technologies in everyday lifeves of the worlds nations with clean hydrogen fuel cell composite technologies. 


“Sino Eagle Group strives to exceed customer’s expectations in providing high quality and affordable composite products, by continuous innovation in technologies and craftsmanship, by continuous investment in the education and development of our employees, and by continuous nurturing of partnerships with all stake holders, suppliers, international parnerships and co-operative ventures. ”

- John Xiong, Founder & CEO - Sino Eagle Group

Yacht Production


Kayak Manufacturing


Rowing Shell Production


Research & Development
SEG AirnergeeTM Fuel Generators
  •  Low Pressure HHO Fuel Generation 
  • Onboard and Dockbox Systems 
SEG FizzeeTechTM Super Cells
  •  Leading R&D in Conductive Carbon Composite Electrolyzer Cells
SEG HyBoost TM 14Kw Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • 8 Kw & 14 Kw 110/220V~AC/DC  Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell 
SEG Custom IZEDTM  DC Drive Motors
  •  SEG Aquila 48 Renewable Energy R&D  

Production Capabilities for U.S.A. D.O.T. Approved Carbon Storage Tanks