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Design Support

Sino Eagle Group understands that in today's fast moving business environment, implementing an integrated composite design and manufacturing environment is a must if you want to develop a better and faster engineering process. Additionally, the environment needs to be open and flexible so engineers can easily and rapidly adapt to create the most effective solutions possible.

For improved efficiency and partner support, our in- partners are provided with desk space and our design support engineers are equipped to create an end to end engineering environment with the best in-class assets to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Our in-house design teams are well versed in composite engineering and are skilled in a variety software which include Solidworks, Rhino, AutoCAD, Microsoft and more.

Our engineering department is equipped with digitizers, large format printers, and the latest hardware including high speed secure servers to aid easy and reliable data transfer across the supply chain and different engineering sites. In summary, we are focused on meeting your production needs in the most efficient manner.