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Resin Infusion:: VARTM, RTM

Resin infusion technologies such as Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding and Resin Transfer Molding is a technology that SEG has mastered over the years on small and large production parts . Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion and Resin Transfer Molding techniques offers very significant improvements in strength to weight ratios over conventional hand laminated parts, with fast production times. Resin is entirely pulled into cavity under vacuum. This molding process allows precise tolerances and detailed shaping.

Divisions within our company employ the use of advanced design and materials to fabricate large composite components for recreational and commercial marine , aviation and energy industries.

VARTM technologies are structurally efficient and cost effective for commercial applications such as spans and bridges or windmill technology offering stiff and weight efficient characteristics by incorporating open or closed cell FRPH (Fiber Reinforced Polymer Honeycomb) sandwich in varying thicknesses. Coupled with the ability incorporate inserts for mechanical attachments and bond joints, VARTM offers a more structurally efficient and cost-effective solution with lower assembly costs for bridges and pipe manufacturing (as in use today) when compared to traditional steel.

Our experience and understanding of advanced materials use and composite sandwich construction, makes us an ideal partner in supplying services to commercial and recreational industries in the Marine, Aviation , Construction and Energy industries (manufacturing of wind mill blades).

Out Of Autoclave (OOA) manufacturing is a process that incorporates baking a laminate of materials that have been pre-pregnated with epoxy resin. The materials are places under vacuum and the baking is used to catalyze the resin.

VARTM, RTM, and OOA production technologies allows for an extraordinary long pot life or handling life, and are highly suited for large structures that require most optimal strength to weight ratios.