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Since 1985 Sino Eagle Group company and its subsidiary divisions has led the industry in advanced and conventional composite construction technologies. Working in conjunction with the aerospace composite research department at the university of Beijing, the company developed technologies which have been awarded 4 international patents. With our international track record and new state of the art manufacturing facilities and extensive in-house capabilities and know-how, we are a global manufacturing resource to any company interested in delivering their product with exceptional workmanship and likely cost savings. Our in-house manufacturing technologies include but are not limited to Out Of Autoclave (OOA) manufacturing, Resin Infusion, VARTM, RTM, Aramid Cloth Weaving, Fiberglass FRP / GRP construction, Prepeg Manufacturing, Thermal Press Molding, Composite Sandwich Construction, Tooling & Plug Building, Alloy Anodizing, Carbon Tube Manufacturing, conventional Wet Layup manufacturing, and Chopper Gun building methodologies. Sino Eagle Group and its subsidiary companies leads various sectors of the water sports composite manufacturing industries with world class racing yachts, rowing shells, kayaks, surf skis, and surfboards. Additionally, we are an OEM manufacturer for globally recognized brand names.