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A letter from the CEO


January 1, 2013

To our Stakeholders and  Partners. 

As we reflect back on the last 2 years, we can be proud of having accomplished major milestones despite it being a very challenging economic climate for our industry and competition.

Highlights of the 2012 year include meeting increased market penetration and production needs for all our personal watercraft divisions.  Our USA company division created good growth in the U.S. marketplace with various manufacturing contracts including a $10 million SEG Yachts contract with a leading US marine retailer. Another building phase of our fully operational new  yacht manufacturing facility – one of the worlds’ largest, was completed.

For 2013, our vision is to maintain our lead in China and the worldwide composite marketplace  by continually refining our cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and environmentally conscious building practices.  We will continue to focus on exemplary customer service, employee and technical investments, and enhancements to keep designing and building stronger, lighter and smarter than our competitors, while managing our business to create long term partner and investor value.

With our highly skilled and valued craftsmen, extensive experience, and philosophy of continuous improvement to provide the highest quality composite products to the global marketplace, our outlook is to  continue strengthening our position, offerings and competitiveness in the growing composites market place.

Frank Xiong

C.E.O. Sino Eagle Group


Sino Eagle Group specializes in a range of advanced composite manufacturing techniques and conventional quality lamination. To maintain the highest quality finished products with cost control, our specialized subsidiary divisions are geared to manufacture all of our small parts needs in-house, from anodized alloy manufacturing and composite gear construction, to carbon paddle blades, shafts, and more.